tomgco - Tom Gallacher

Tom Gallacher

Never Underdressed

Large scale Node.js deployment of a bespoke publishing platform based on Node.js, mongodb and zeromq. Never Underdressed is a responsive digital-only luxury fashion and beauty magazine.


Another Project I have been working on from ShortList Media; Mr Hyde is a daily email for men covering film, style, culture and places to eat meat.


Lead Node.js Hardware Hacker, interfacing with various hardware devices through Node.js, including writing a JavaScript driver for a QR Code scanner. SwipeStation© lets you close the ‘voucher loop’ without jumping through hoops. It tells you when and where a registered participant redeems a voucher and lets you control win percentages and rewards. You can also customise campaigns with ease.

Jarred Christmas

Developed the backend and the most of the JavaScript implementation to interface with the Google Maps API's.

ShortList Media

This project was developed by myself and others at Clock Ltd. One of the biggest sites I have worked on, learning a lot about systems architecture and design.